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Starting Fresh April 10, 2012

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So today was a good day. It’s been almost a month since I’ve started this little experiment of mine. That long car ride home from Cleveland in which I hesitantly suggested to David (that’s my boyfriend) that maybe we should really start changing our diet since being beat up weekly by a certain personal trainer wasn’t quite doing enough. (Well, in all fairness, I had kind of stopped going… I have a really good excuse, though I promise). David has done really well, the gym does show on him, but not in the ways he was hoping. After a year and a half of working out (with only a few months of slacking due to increase in work responsibilities and our gym trying something new with their scheduling) David expected to at least have a start at a Ryan Reynolds-esque body (drool). But it just wasn’t happening. We’d (okay, mostly he) cut out some major things from the general diet. David only allows himself red meat once a month, but it seems that it really was not quite enough. So in a fit on insanity, we agreed to cut out processed foods. Okay, so that’s not quite true. I agreed to cut out processed foods, he agreed to cut out processed grains. In reality, there isn’t too much of a difference, only I said a sad goodbye to white sugar in my tea.

To make sure that I stuck with it (and believe me it’s been hard and there have been several painful crash landings off the wagon) I decided I wanted to start a blog, so I did. Only, I didn’t keep up with that either. Partly because I’m lazy, partly because I didn’t have the time, partly because there were a few bad days (or a week or more) that I just couldn’t do it anymore (one of which may or may not have resulted in hysterical crying and a quick trip to Donatos for pizza and a sub on glorious, oh-so-unhealthy-for-you white bread) and even though I know its okay to admit failure, I just didn’t want to blog about it. So, I try again, on a new server. I picked this because a lot of the food blogs I’ve found thanks to the genius that is Pintrest, this server base seems to have the most potential to turn into a real-life, cutesy looking blog, if I wanted to maybe have my own food blogger, even outside this diet, which believe me, may meet a face-first into a brick wall finish when we leave for our Miami vacation (the reason I suggested the diet in the first place). I did decide recently however, that while I flat-out REFUSE to stay on this thing permanently (you know, I’m the girl who really doesn’t like whole wheat…) I would love it if we could support each other to make a very real effort to cut out processed foods from our diet as much as possible. But, I have a whole board on pintrest of unhealthy food that I am absolutely DYING to try out. So come, i dunno, early July, it is so on in my kitchen with white, bleached, unhealthy flour.

I was feeling rather ambitious about blogging. I was gonna start with a bang with my fabulous adventures today, but the sad part is, I’m an old woman (not really) and as the clock ticks away steadily, my functionality at work tomorrow does too. So, alas, I shall not get up at search out the USB cord to my phone so I can upload the pictures of the Chocolate Quinoa Cupcakes I made today (AMAZING, btw). I shall have to tease you and save that post for tomorrow, because I will try to update far more and actually be proud to share this on Facebook with my friends.


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